If you’re trying to quit smoking, you already know it’s definitely not easy. However, a healthy diet can make things that much easier. According to a study at Duke University, there are some foods and beverages that taste much better to non-smokers than to smokers.

Quit Smoking

Foods containing Dairy

Many times, foods containing dairy products are recommended for those who are trying to quit smoking. The enzymes that are left in your mouth after eating or drinking a dairy product react with the smoke and cause a very unpleasant aftertaste. The reason for this is still being researched. Quit smoking, your best dentist and Dental Centre experts will tell you how terrible it really is when you go to the dentists.

Avoid drinking caffeine.

Caffeine actually makes the smoke taste better- so when you’re trying to quit smoking, you should also quit the caffeine as well. Foods and beverages containing caffeine have acidic properties that result in the taste buds souring quicker than those that are not caffeinated.


When you’re trying to quit smoking, you should eat more veggies. This keeps your mouth and hand occupied, as they would be when you’re smoking. The physical process you use when smoking is very similar to that of picking up and eating foods. Additionally, since veggies are related to healthy living, they are excellent for helping you to quit smoking. On the other hand, foods with high fat contents are “comfort” foods and could cause you to have an increase in your desire to smoke.

Avoid Alcoholic Beverages.

Studies have shown that when you’re drinking alcoholic beverages, your desire to smoke is increased. One study from Duke University showed that nicotine actually counteracts with the depressive effects that alcohol has. Additionally, both alcohol and nicotine cause the body to release more dopamine, which is a chemical that is produced by the brain when it feels pleasure. This is why many professionals suggest that you limit your alcohol consumption when you’re quitting smoking.

Things to Consider

Smoking is a considerable risk to your overall health. Additionally, it increases the chances that you could end up with a wide variety of diseases and cancers. Including a healthy diet and exercise in your plan to quit smoking will increase your chances of success. If you need more assistance, speak with your doctor about it. He/She can connect you with other resources or even prescribe something to help you.