If you want to serve the best slushies around, you need sturdy slush cups and straws that will hold up under tough conditions. Slush cups come in a variety of choices and prices. Don’t skimp on them just to save a few pennies. If they don’t hold up, your customers won’t come back. Nobody enjoys a cracked or broken slush cup. Straws should also be strong enough for customers to finish their slushies without any hassle.

What to look for in slush cups

- Quality

Slush cups should be sturdy enough to hold a slushy until it’s finished. It doesn’t have to be very thick, but does have to maintain its shape.
Straws should also do the job, without too much bending and twisting.

While colored slush cups are attractive, they are not necessary, unless you want customers to remember specific colors associated with your business. Keep in mind that the color of the cup should not overpower any logo you may want printed on the side.

Clear plastic slush cups are suitable for most businesses selling slushies. This is particularly true if you’re offering a special flavor and have plenty of colorful flavor choices. Bright colored slushies look more inviting through a clear cup. You want customers to come back. So, when combined with a great taste, a slushie in a clear cup will look as good as it tastes.

Sturdy straws come in a variety of colors, as well as clear. Using clear straws may not be a good idea, if many of your customers are small children. They may not be able to see them very well and may get frustrated trying to enjoy their slushies. A solid color that coordinates with the slushie is probably the best choice. Make your slushies memorable by offering the best flavors in attractive colors customers can see and taste.