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Nutrition North Canada - Shipments to and purchases made by businesses and government agencies

This notice is intended to clarify whether recipients registered with the Nutrition North Canada (NNC) program can claim a subsidy for direct shipments or sales to certain types of businesses and government agencies (see examples below) in isolated northern communities eligible for the program.

The objective of the NNC program is to reduce the cost of nutritious perishable food, thereby improving nutrition, health and well-being in isolated northern communities. While most subsidized shipments are made to retailers, social institutions (schools, daycare, etc.), restaurants, hotels and individual households are also eligible to receive subsidized shipments, provided that they place their orders with southern suppliers registered with the program.

It is not the intent of the NNC program to subsidize the operations of resource companies, construction companies and government establishments in or near eligible communities. Therefore, northern retailers, southern suppliers and northern country food processors / distributors registered with NNC will not be allowed to claim a subsidy for products sold to or ordered on behalf of the following kinds of businesses and establishments (note: the list is not intended to be comprehensive):

  • mining companies
  • oil and gas companies
  • exploration companies and camps
  • companies providing support activities for mining and oil and gas extraction, exploration and development
  • surveying and mapping services
  • construction companies
  • environmental cleanup operations
  • electricity companies
  • weather stations
  • research stations and projects
  • military establishments and operations
  • other such businesses and establishments

Claims for shipments to individuals acting as agents for southern suppliers or for northern businesses and establishments of the types listed above, with the intention of enabling shipments to these kinds of businesses and establishments to occur, will not be accepted under NNC. In addition, these kinds of businesses and establishments are not eligible to become NNC program recipients. Employees and owners of such businesses in or near eligible communities will benefit from the NNC subsidy, as individuals, by purchasing eligible food in local stores or by placing “personal orders” with southern suppliers registered with NNC. Direct shipments to, and purchases made in local stores by individuals, organizations, establishments and businesses providing day care services, school breakfast programs, healthcare and similar services to northern residents as well as by tourist operations (hotels, restaurants, outfitters, camps, etc.) will be eligible for a subsidy.

For further information, contact Nutrition North Canada at [email protected] or
(819) 994-4810.


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